We acquired KD Field!

Over the last few years EleKtra Engineering services has been focused on large commercial projects. Whilst we are proud of our achievement and capability to carryout complete large scale electrical projects, we felt we are not well set for small projects, maintenance and in house testing. To improve our domestic capability, we acquired ‘KD Field Limited’ in January 2017. KD Field was established in 1987 and are a very reputable Electrical Contracting Company based on Stratford Upon Avon.

Our asset buyout includes the following:

Lease their premises at Stratford Upon Avon (include fully kitted offices and store)

Take on board 3 fully kitted vans

Take on board 3 experienced electricians which worked for the company for many years

Take on board office administrator, worked for the company for the last 5 years

Take on Board very experienced NICEIC Qualified Superior, worked for the company for 14 years 

We also have bought all the company tools and equipment, specially all their testing equipment.

We finally took on board on their clients, mainly schools, industrial and commercials around SOA. 

What is it all means:

By taking on board KD Field Limited we are increasing our capability as follows:

General flexibility and improvement of service by having PAYE employees

We can now carry out small project as well as large one

We can improve our service during defect period

We can provide callout solution

We can provide maintenance package

We can provide in house periodical testing

We improved our overall electrical testing quality and capability